Pre School

Our Lil Musa program has been developed with the needs of Pre-K & Kindergarten students in mind. For our youngest students, we design class plans and education to not only keep your child’s mind and body active, but to help them train and develop skills like confidence, concentration, self-control, respect, coordination, fitness and flexibility. With a perfect balance of fun and discipline, Lil Musa students will be able to grow and develop these key character traits, while still having a great time and working off plenty of energy.

The Lil Musa program also features opportunities for parents to get involved with their students growth in the program. In addition to the information and feedback instructors provide for your child, parents also have opportunities to take to the mat and engage in an active role in coaching their child’s growth in the program. We want all of our Lil Musa students to achieve great personal growth, even at their young age, and will continue to work with them on continuing their training and development into our regular martial arts program for ages 6-12 after they have learned the skills needed in our Lil Musa class.

The benefits a martial arts program can provide for all ages cannot be understated, and those who start early have the opportunity to achieve the greatest benefit; we hope to include your Pre-K or Kindergarten child in our class to help them start down the right path to a healthy mind and healthy body.