Adult/Teen Martial Classes

For Teen and Adults, our primary focus is to not only provide real life practical self-defense techniques, but to also provide a martial arts experience that will help you to grow and develop your physical and mental wellness.

Our core curriculum for teen and adults, developed by Master Choung and Master Cho using their lifelong experience with martial arts, provides exposure to a variety of self-defense areas and techniques to make sure you are prepared to handle conflict situations in the safest way possible. Embedded in your self-defense education will be exercises to help develop your physical strength and fitness, balance, flexibility and energy.

Martial arts education is a lifestyle choice that can keep teens and adults focused on their self-development, and help them achieve their full wellness potential. Physical fitness, mental focus, and self-defense competence are invaluable benefits that are the cornerstones of our martial arts program at Black Belt Institute. We want all of our teen and adult students to develop these qualities to their full potential, so we can inspire them with greater confidence in their lives, and strengthen our community one step at a time.