Ages 6 and up

Our martial arts program for ages 6 to 12 is popular for it’s focus on what both children and parent’s desire most from a martial arts program. Our core curriculum, developed by Master Choung and Master Cho using their lifelong experience with martial arts, is designed to train students in self-defense, fitness and character development. Students at Black Belt Institute will learn the skills to feel confident in their ability to defend themselves, and will most importantly learn effective skills to read and descalate situations to avoid conflict.

Master Choung and Master Cho have developed a very practical self-defense curriculum, that has the added benefit of physically challenging our students to develop their fitness, flexibility, coordination and balance. At Black Belt Institute, we believe it is invaluable for students to have the confidence that they are well prepared mentally to handle conflict situations, and are also confident in their physical wellness.

In addition to practical self-defense, and physical wellness, Black Belt Institute also incorporates a strong emphasis on character for all of our students. Students will be educated and encouraged to develop their confidence, self-discipline, respect, leadership, teamwork, integrity, self-control and perseverance at Black Belt Institute. Martial arts is an amazing opportunity to develop self-defense and physical wellness

We encourage and enable parents to take an active role in their child’s training and development in our program. Through providing opportunities like having parents on the mat to learn coaching skills, including home and school evaluations in testing applications, and having Instructor’s that are engaged in learning how to best work with your child, Black Belt Institute is able to provide a program that empowers parents to guide their child’s instruction to the benefits they would like to see much.

We take pride in being able to provide a martial arts program centered on the needs of the children and parents in our community, and we always strive to provide your child new avenues to improve their physical and mental wellness through martial arts education.